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[Want a Byte? Ep.5] CXL 2.0, the Next-Gen Interface Revolutionizing Data Processing

In the age of AI, chatbots and the metaverse, processing massive amounts of data is more important than ever. A key solution to the challenge is Compute Express Link (CXL).

Designed for high-performance computers, CXL is a next-generation interface that better connects components like CPUs and memory. It not only speeds up system computation but can also increase memory capacity.

What’s more, the data trailblazers at Samsung Semiconductor have developed the world’s first CXL 2.0 DRAM. CXL 2.0 DRAM brings a bunch of new features, but the most impressive might be memory pooling, a management technique that enables hosts to dynamically allocate memory from a shared pool. So basically, it’s game-changingly more efficient.

To learn more about how Samsung Electonics is leading the industry’s development of CXL DRAM, check out the video below!