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[Want a Byte? Ep.4] How Samsung’s Mobile GPU Brings More Immersive Gaming to Smartphones with Hyper-realistic Graphics: Xclipse

Warm weather is here, tempting even dedicated gamers to step away from their PCs and consoles to venture out. But that doesn’t have to mean leaving your favorite game titles behind.

With Samsung’s new Xclipse mobile GPU, gamers can enjoy hyper-realistic graphics on their smartphones and tablets, for immersive gaming even on the go.

Xclipse is a mobile GPU designed to bring mobile games to life. Developed by Samsung Semiconductor in partnership with graphics powerhouse AMD, it delivers the hyper-realistic graphics gamers crave for stutter-free gaming on a mobile device.

Xclipse uses ray tracing to make shadows and light reflections more realistic, bringing an added layer of realism to gaming worlds. It’s also equipped with low-power technology to help batteries run better and last longer, so you can take your games further without draining your battery.

To learn more about how Xclipse is breaking new ground in mobile graphics, check out the video above!