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[Want a Byte? Ep.3] Find Stuff Faster with Samsung’s “Here I Am” Chip: Exynos Connect U100

Ever spent an entire morning hunting down your keys, only to find them hiding behind the cushions of your favorite sofa? Or maybe you’ve wandered around a parking lot trying to remember where you parked the car.

It’s an experience everyone can relate with. But thanks to Samsung’s latest chip, those days may soon be gone.

In the third episode of “Want a Byte?” Samsung dives into the chip it’s using to help find things faster and avoid unwanted game of hide-and-seek: the Exynos Connect U100.

The Exynos Connect U100 is Samsung’s “Here I Am” chip – helping you locate items of any size even indoors, right down to the centimeter. It’s a semiconductor chip designed for short-range wireless communication that uses Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology to help you pin-point the location of an item far better than GPS.

And the U100 doesn’t stop at finding your keys. Pairing the U100 with your smartphone opens up a world of other possibilities, turning your device into a master key that lets you automatically activate smart devices around you, turn on indoor lights before you get in the house, and more.

To learn how the Exynos Connect U100 is creating a more connected world, check out the full video above.