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Samsung Semiconductor presents its foundry vision at ChipEx 2023

On May 9 (local time), the world’s leading global companies gathered in Israel at Expo Tel Aviv for ChipEx 2023, Israel’s largest semiconductor event. ChipEx is an annual international event first organized in 2009 by the Advanced Systems Group (ASG), a business group composed of prominent Israeli high-tech companies. The event provides a place for companies to showcase their latest technologies and exchange information through seminars.

Israel has a thriving startup scene spanning numerous high-tech industries, including AI, fintech, biotech and the Internet of Things (IoT). Many global tech companies have taken notice of the country’s strong startup environment and established local research centers there.

At ChipEx 2023, under its “Foundry All Around” slogan, Samsung Semiconductor presented its latest foundry technologies and solutions – as well as its vision for the future – to the gathered industry experts. This included details about Samsung’s 3nm GAA (Gate-All-Around) process, through which chips for higher performance and better energy efficiency are manufactured.

“Foundry is under pressure to develop technology for more energy-efficient computing devices,” said Ki-bong Jeong, Vice President of Foundry Business at Samsung Electronics. “Possible solutions include GAA transistor architecture, multi-die integration, and lower power and latency memory solutions that provide better performance per watt.”

In addition, Jeong highlighted growth trends in four areas – mobile, high-performance computing (HPC), smart cars and consumer electronics – and presented the future that Samsung Semiconductor is building together with its foundry customers. To see what it’s like to be at ChipEx 2023 and meet some of the innovators who are leading the way in semiconductor technology trends, check out the video above.