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The System LSI Humanoid Is Here! Advanced Technology for the Hyper-Connected Era Unveiled at Samsung System LSI Tech Day 2023

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Oct. 5, 2023 Today, semiconductor experts and key players from around the globe gathered at the Samsung Semiconductor Campus in San Jose, California to attend Samsung System LSI Tech Day 2023. This year’s event was the seventh iteration of what has become an industry highlight and platform for Samsung to announce its latest technologies and future strategies.  

But this year, things were a little different: Samsung System LSI and Samsung Memory are each hosting their own Tech Day. It’s an approach that allows both businesses to showcase a wider variety of their futuristic solutions.

To learn more about the new core technologies Samsung System LSI revealed today, Semiconductor Global Newsroom visited the headquarters of Device Solutions America (DSA) in person and took in the sights and sounds of the day.


Paving the Way for a System LSI Humanoid Future

From early in the morning, attendees arriving at the DSA Campus got to see the System LSI Humanoid Wall that Samsung constructed at the venue’s entrance. The structure was a natural gathering point that provided easy opportunities to network and build enthusiasm for the event.

To kick things off, Jinman Han, President of DSA, delivered a welcoming address. In his address, Han outlined the key theme of Samsung System LSI Tech Day 2023: “System LSI Humanoid.” System LSI humanoids are semiconductors that provide functions replicating the five human senses. Throughout today’s event, Samsung announced wide-ranging plans to develop cutting-edge solutions that go beyond simple imitation to approach authentic re-creation of the human sensory experience. Due to the skyrocketing interest in and demand for semiconductor applications in robotics, sensing, automotive, and more, the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution makes this year’s Samsung System LSI Tech Day particularly timely. 

John Yongin Park, President of System LSI Business delivered a keynote speech titled, “System LSI Humanoid is around the corner.” In the speech, he engaged the audience by stating that the future is defined by Hyper-Intelligence, Hyper-Connectivity and Hyper-Data. Park touched on all the progress the company has made towards realizing a System LSI humanoid and laid the groundwork for the technological developments that would be revealed at the event. By the end of the speech, he made it clear that the company’s focus is on “making semiconductors that help people and save lives.” This set the tone for what proved to be an exciting day.

“Generative AI is really starting to take off. In fact, one AI service gained 100 million users in just two months, and all of the major players are fiercely competing to get a leg up,” Park said. “From the latest SoCs — like Exynos 2400 — to Non-terrestrial network communications technology to humanoid semiconductors, Samsung is committed to bringing the best performance and solutions in semiconductors to life. This type of forward thinking will allow us to not only get a leg up in this race, but advance the evolution of Proactive AI and achieve a better future.”

Following the keynote, other highlights of the event were a guest speech titled, “Collaboration on Graphic Processing Technology,” as well as sessions titled, “Differentiated GPU & NPU Technologies,” “Future Technology and Trends in Connectivity,” and “Beyond the Human Eye: The Evolution of Image Sensors.” There was also an illuminating panel discussion titled, “Implications on Compute Platforms from Recent Trends in Generative AI and Large Language Models” that provided a platform for industry stakeholders to share their expert understanding and predictions of the future of system semiconductors.


System Semiconductors That Go Beyond the Limits

This year’s System LSI Tech Day directed the main spotlight on system semiconductor products that will form the foundation of advanced technology in the era of hyper-connectivity, hyper-intelligence, and hyper-data. To facilitate this emphasis, the event space was divided into six distinct zones introducing Samsung’s comprehensive range of solutions.

On display were various next-generation system semiconductor solutions. The Exynos Connect U100, a semiconductor for near field communication, featured prominently, and visitors could take a look at an ultra-high-definition image sensor packing 200 million pixels in the form of the ISOCELL HP2. Also on display was the IoT security IC, which protects personal data from illegal external cyberattacks.

A couple of new, advanced features attracted the attention of visitors through on-site demonstrations. The first of which was Zoom Anyplace, which utilizes a 200MP image sensor for ultra-high resolution special zooming. Visitors could also experience Ray Tracing, which tracks light refraction and reflection on objects to create an ultra-realistic representation of objects.

By the early evening in the heart of Silicon Valley, Samsung System LSI Tech Day 2023 wound down to a successful conclusion. Attendees left the Samsung Semiconductor Campus abuzz over the innovations discussed at the event. From GPU and NTN technology to groundbreaking image sensors and display solutions, all could agree that the System LSI humanoid is indeed around the corner.